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Professional translation and interpretation services to Russian and from Russian
  • Leaflets, manuals and operating instructions, electric diagrams, technical drawings and other documentation, export documents, commercial correspondence etc.


  • On your behalf we'll prepare the necessary customs documentation for your export and import events .


  • Authenticated official translations.


  • German, English, Swedish, and Finnish languages are available for use alongside with Russian.



Collaboration with the Russian neighbour
  • Familiarity of Russian language and culture is of great importance when contacts are made and held active with Russian customers and acquaintances. 


  • The discussion in English remains easily superficial due to the lack of its proper command.


  • You may benefit of a specialist of Russian language and culture, who can accompany you to business negotiations or customer appointments and through the help of whom your client can feel being understood.


  • It is easier to negotiate when all the participants can speak their mother tongue. The athmosphere becomes more relaxed and things proceed smoothly.


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